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Carla is Making a Difference for District 61

Secured Funding for Quality of Life and Public Safety:

Carla secured over $1.7 million in funding for District 61 to focus on improving public safety, mitigating flooding, and enhancing recreational facilities, demonstrating a strategic commitment to enhancing the quality of life and safety for residents.

Strengthened Public Infrastructure and Safety:

Allocated substantial investments for infrastructure, enhancing roads and bridges. Passed legislation increasing penalties for fentanyl trafficking, modernizing DHEC for efficiency, and reforming bond processes to deter repeat offenders. Raised the new base salary for law enforcement officers to $50,000 and secured funding for a School Resource Officer in every public school in SC.

Supported Veterans and Military Families:

Boosted funding for veterans’ services, acknowledging their sacrifice. Passed legislation extending property tax exemptions to disabled veterans and their surviving spouses, further honoring our commitment to those who’ve served.

Fostered Economic and Workforce Development:

Advanced the Statewide Education and Workforce Development Act to optimize workforce preparedness, aligning education with market needs.

Advanced Educational Excellence and Choice:

Enacted the Education Scholarship Trust Fund, offering scholarships for students to attend schools of choice. Banned Critical Race Theory, ensuring educational content remains unbiased and comprehensive. Secured a minimum salary increase of $2,500 for teachers across all levels, setting the starting salary for new teachers at $42,500—a 33% increase over the past five years. Implemented Paid Family Leave for new parents, aligning with broader state employee benefits.

Primary/Election Dates:

Primary – June 11th, 2024

Election – November 5th, 2024

Here's How Carla Sees The Issues Facing Our Community

Address our Infrastructure Needs

Horry County is the fastest growing county in South Carolina. People are moving here in record numbers because of our business and family friendly climate. With our rising population and tremendous economic growth, it is time our roads get the attention they deserve to make them safe. 

Conservative state planning and budgeting has led to billions in surplus revenues that we must commit to roads, interstates, highways, and bridges. I have been able to successfully work with Horry County and SCDOT to bring home dollars to fix our roads, safeguard us from flooding, and address our critical infrastructure concerns throughout District 61.

Improve the Quality of Education

As a mother of two boys, Jack and Nathan,  I understand that there are two things a parent needs when it comes to their child’s education: a voice and a choice. I advocate for bringing the parent’s voice into the classroom so that every child in South Carolina receives a quality education. 

It is also important to be financially responsible and continue to cut wasteful spending and ensure that money makes its way to the classroom. Advocating for you to ensure your voice is heard in your children’s education, and ensuring that more dollars are spent in the classroom are some of my top priorities.

Support and Protect our Active and Retired Military

To many active and retired military members, District 61 is ‘home’. Their sacrifice for our nation and our freedom is something that can never be repaid. 

As your Representative, I am dedicated to reducing the tax burden on active and retired military through supporting the elimination of income taxes on retirement funds for military personnel and continue to support programs that provide the necessary resources to help our heroes adjust back to civilian life after serving our nation.

Ensure District 61 Gets Their Fair Share

From tourism, to industry, and so much more, Horry County sends billions in tax revenues to Columbia only for it to be directed all across the state. 

As your State Representative, I am a voice for our community to ensure that our tax dollars are spent here at home to do the things that matter – fix our roads, address infrastructure needs, and support our first responders.